Padel is simple and easy to learn and play no matter your age or skill level. We suggest you learn as you play, and focus on having fun!

Padel racket, padel ball, tennis ball
Man playing padel, padel court

What do I need?

Padel is simple sport that does not require multiple accessories. All you need to play padel is a three friends, padel rackets and a ball.


Unlike other racket sports, the padel racket is smaller and does not have wires. The ball is also softer and smaller than a tennis ball. Both rackets and balls are available for rent at our locations and can be pre booked with your court booking.


Padel is played in doubles, which means you and three friends can all come and play together! No friends? No problem! We have a community of players always looking for new people to play with.


The court measures 10 by 20 metres with transparent walls enclosing the court. Players are separated by net and the court is marked out with lines and service boxes. The walls around the court allow for the ball to bounce unpredictably and bring a new fun element to the game.


We suggest wearing a normal indoor sport shoe or your favorite gym shoes to play.

How to play?

Padel is fast-paced, social sport.
The great advantage of padel is that it is suitable for all ages and levels. Padel is more about strategy and cooperation between you and your partner, rather than power.

boy playing padel, padel court


  • The game is started by an underhand serve from behind the service bow line diagonally into the opposite service box.
  • The ball must bounce in the service box before the opponent can return the ball
  • If the ball bounces anywhere outside the service box before the first bounce, it is a fault.


  • Once playing, the ball must always bounce on the ground before bouncing off of walls
  • Although balls can bounce off the walls, the ball is only allowed to bounce on the ground once, just as in tennis.
  • Smashing, trying to hit the ball out of bounds via a bounce and volleys are all allowed!
  • Remember! The walls are what make padel unique, don’t hesitate to get the ball bouncing.
woman playing padel
padel, how to play padel, padel court


  • Points are counted the same way as tennis
  • 15, 30, 40, advantage, deuce etc.
  • Six games are needed to win a set, and two sets are needed to win the game
  • If the game is 6-6, there is a tie breaker, just like in tennis.