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What ispadel?

Padel is a racket sport originating from Mexico commonly described as a combination of squash and tennis. More recently, padel is one of the fastest growing sports with courts all around Europe.

Uniquely, padel is always played in doubles, making it the perfect sport to play with friends of all ages. Padel is easy and simple to learn, no prior experience is needed to pick up the sport and play with confidence because the court is smaller and surrounded by walls that make it easier to retrieve the ball.

How to play padel?


Padel Company is bringing padel to Estonia! We are the first outdoor padel center in Tallinn, located on Viru Keskus’ rooftop, bringing a new sport to a longtime local hotspot.

We fell in love with padel because it is easy to learn, great for all ages and the perfect way to add a little bit of competitiveness to your usual socializing with friends.

We want you to have Fun with friends. We offer a unique sports experience, with the best courts and an even better community of players to socialize and play with

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